Romeo & Juliet




Finished sketch of Romeo and Juliet from the Franco Zeffirelli adaptation, which I have not seen yet.

Irrelevant kind-of-funny fact: I mistyped Romeo as “Romoe” and Juliet as “Juleit” twice.

Irrelevant un-funny fact: I want to resume writing in this blog. I did not intend to post drawings here, despite naming this blog “Portraits.”

Some friends

A couple of watercolor portraits I made last year for some of my friends:angel fritz jodesz kimI wanted to give all my friends a drawing but I’m running low on watercolor. Just for the record, I’m using the 8-color set from Prang (the kind that little kids use). Once I get a new one, I swear I’ll make more of these.

Last Christmas, I promised to buy myself a brand-new set. I ran out of money though. In fact I’m still broke. I was hoping I’d receive some cash from generous relatives and godparents* but of course, I didn’t get anything. People cross you out of their gift-giving list once you hit puberty.

*Such an awkward word to use!! I always think of Marlon Brando’s face every time “godparents” is mentioned.

Click on the drawings to view their blogs. :-)