Little by Little by Radiohead

Little by little, by hook or by crook/ I’m such a tease and you’re such a flirt

Once you’ve been hurt/ You’ve been around enough

I change my mind. “The King of Limbs” is a brilliant record. Radiohead is incapable of being not brilliant.

Video Games (Lana del Rey Cover) by Kasabian

I’ve been listening to Lana del Rey a lot this week. She’s becoming my Liza Minelli! In case you don’t know who Lana del Rey is, I kindly looked her up in Wikipedia for you. Called Elizabeth Woolridge in real life, she’s the daughter of a New York millionaire. How very Gossip Girl, right? And recently, she did a rather disastrous live performance on SNL.

Whatever. She’s still my Liza Minelli. ( If you know what I mean.) I think her music sounds like a cross between MIA and The Pierces.

This is what she looks like, by the way:

Unfortunately, this isn’t a Lana del Rey song. It’s the Live Lounge cover of “Video Games” by Kasabian. not as flawless as the original but this isn’t a bad cover at all. Look at Serge! He’s gotten hairier! And I want Tom’s necklace!

On a side note, I’m quite aware that I sound very drunk right now because my head is reeling from sleep deprivation. I have 18173931 requirements left to do before I’m officially on summer break. My mouth tastes like stale coffee. I hate it. Been running on sugar and caffeine this whole week. I look/feel like hell but this will all be over soon.

I hope.