Stuff to read

Books I got from the National Bookstore Warehouse Sale last week. I bought a total of 8 books for only 600 pesos. I would have gotten more but

  • there was just too many people.
  • I hate crowded places.
  • I’m impatient
  • and picky.

I have:

Fiction (2)

Nonfiction (2) — I’m into mafia things at the moment.

Art books (2)

Children’s books (2) — Yep I still read children’s books. But I buy them mainly because of the illustrations.

So far, my favorite is “Fashion of the 70s” which was priced at only 50 pesos. What a steal. I wish I bought more children’s books though. I now have two copies of Gaiman’s “Coraline.” A friend gave me my original copy as a Christmas present  way back in 2005.

I also bought a box of nine HB pencils for 30 pesos. I already gave one of them away.

But I’m currently reading

because I’m finally done with

after 3 weeks and 400+ pages. I suggest you read it too. The ending was flawless.


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