I blew last week’s savings on a DF Wallace book which I’ve been eyeing for months. Every time I dropped by the bookstore, I would check if someone already bought it. When I say every time, I do mean every time. The salesperson kept shooting furtive glances in my general direction. Good thing no one did buy it. Heh.

I’m broke. I cannot keep living like this. Something has got to give.

Embarrassing thing happened today. I had a couple of ID pics taken for school. After twenty minutes, I went back to the ID place. I lined up behind the counter so I could get my pictures. Standing beside me was a balding middle-aged guy wearing glasses and an ill-fitting white T-shirt. Definitely a dad-type. I saw my pictures on the counter, still uncut…dunno if you got that. Anyway, the dad-type picked up my pictures and started studying them. He was muttering to himself. I was standing beside him thinking, “What the hell is going on this is weird he doesn’t know I’m right next to him what the hell what the hellΒ WHATΒ THE HELL.”

The dad-type looked up, saw me, and said “Sorry” with an apologetic smile. He took his own pictures and left.

Talk about awkward.


2 thoughts on “Why

  1. Money well spent, as far as I’m concerned. I’m just about done reading the book myself, and if you’ve read and liked other books by DFW, you’ll love The Pale King.

    • i’m really excited to read it! thanks :-) i haven’t read any of his books before, but i’ve read this is water, parts of consider the lobster and some stories from oblivion.

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