Arya & Theon

I’m planning to draw all my favorite Game of Thrones characters…’cause I’m a nerd like that.

I have a mind to attempt drawing Jaime, Tyrion, Petyr Baelish and Jon Snow. Maybe I’ll try Cersei and Sansa, too.

Most people like Arya so I don’t need to explain why she’s one of the characters I like best. But Theon is a different matter. There are internet forums dedicated to bashing Theon since he’s a cocky kingdom-stealing, cloak-turning, ungrateful…kraken. Some even bash the actor who plays Theon on the TV show. I personally don’t think that Alfie Allen is unattractive. He’s the splitting image of the young Malcolm McDowell! I like Theon because he’s the most complicated character in the series. If you’ve read Martin’s books, you’ll get what I mean.


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