Josie and Jack

Finished reading this today because of all the waiting I had to do. “Josie and Jack” is a modern retelling of the Grimms’ classic fairy tale “Hansel and Grettel.” It’s about a pair of teenage siblings who leave their isolated Pennsylvanian house to escape their manic-depressive father. Alien to the world outside their home, they venture into a dark, twisted path of crime, sex, and drugs.

The story gets  disturbing at certain points, particularly when Jack expresses his unique brand of brotherly affection for his little sister. I don’t have a brother but I do happen to know that brothers are not supposed to give their sisters full-body massages whilst only clad in their underwear. Or hug them from behind, tell them how beautiful they are, then kiss them on the neck. Or…you get the point.

Nevertheless, this book was entertaining. And after reading it, I’m still wishing I had a brother. So, no harm done, folks.

PS: How similar is “Josie and Jack” to this movie?


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