Sad and awkward jeepney situation

To get to my Econ class today, I immediately boarded the MRT-Pantranco jeep which was right in front of the Faculty Center. It’s my favorite jeep simply because it’s the one that takes me closer to home. Anyway, the driver was leaning out the passenger window, holding the sign that says “MRT” in big bold letters. He had sunglasses on, the stereotypical Good Morning towel casually draped around his neck. He was beckoning passengers to ride his jeep (haha that kinda sounds wrong) but it was weird since there was a security guard getting on his case. What I’m trying to say is (forgive me, I’m talking in my head as I’m typing this) Kuya Guard was asking him to get the fuck off–without swearing of course, he was still keeping his cool–where he was parking. I’m not familiar with jeepney regulations inside the campus but from the look on Kuya Guard’s face, what Mamang Driver was doing was illegal. Kuya Guard let off a low tantrumish scream. Well, i could have burst out laughing right then and there. The sound he made sounded funny but you know, you just know when someone is really pissed. Kuya Guard was. He was fuming. I kept my mouth shut, looked at the other passengers instead. Mamang Driver wasn’t the kind of guy who’d let someone boss him around. They started bickering. The argument sort of went like this:

KG: Sabi na ngang bawal eh! Hindi ka aalis?!

MD: Hindi naman bawal dito ah!

KG: Nakita mo ngang magta-traffic!

MD: E, wala namang traffic oh!

KG: Sabi na nga alis, e! Anong pangalan mo?!

MD: Bakit sino ka ba? Akala mo kung sino ka ah? Hindi ka ba nahihiya sa mga estudyante?!

Mamang Driver got the last word. Good for him, I thought. He stood up against an authority figure. That’s always cool in my book. I saw Kuya Guard walk away, muttering profanities to himself. Mamang Driver drove away, muttering profanities to himself. Near Vinzon’s he suddenly piped up: ‘Pwede niyo ba kung tulungan? Isumbong natin sa Student Council.” Nobody dared answer him. We were all looking away or pretending to text on our cellphones. A few excruciatingly awkward moments later, he spoke again: “Pwede ko bang makuha ang number niyo? Kahit dalawa lang sanang magwi-witness mamaya ‘pag pinatawag ako sa headquarters.” Nobody inside the jeep replied. Whether the silence was caused by shared embarrassment or plain indifference, I’ll never know. The jeepney reached my stop. I got off and walked away.


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