13 things I learned from The Hunger Games

After hours of lying on the couch, head propped on a pillow, eyes trained on paragraphs, turning pages until I’m left to stare dazedly at the back cover, it’s done. I’ve finished The Hunger Games trilogy.

No this isn’t a review. I won’t say if I found it good or bad or if I thought it was okay, just good enough to keep me from dissing it and making snide remarks about the writer. I won’t rate it in a scale of one to ten. I won’t compare it with Battle Royale, especially now that I’ve finished the books and found out that the two are different–only the idea of a bunch of kids killing each other is the same.

But I think it’s necessary to let you know that after I read the acknowledgments in the last book, I continued to lie on the couch and just let the story sink in.Β That’s saying a lot.

These are the things I picked up as I was reading the books. Oh, spoilers ahead.

1. Katniss Everdeen could have launched a million t-shirts if she were a real person living in our generation.

2. A guy who enjoys baking doesn’t mean he’s effeminate.

3. The President, high and mighty as he is, may be secretly interested in a seventeen-year-old girl’s love life.

4. You could fight to death in an arena of bloody combat and not worry about taking a shit.

5. Thinking about it now, it’s weird how the characters never seemed to take a shit since they’re almost always sleeping or killing enemies.

6. Acting ala Heidi and Spencer can ward off death threats, even if momentarily.

7. War is never pretty.

8. Communism and drugs will survive the apocalypse.

9. Some people can manage to live despite being burned, choked to death, falling from a tall tree, etc.

10. If two guys are chasing after you, no matter how much you love them both, you could only end up with one (or none.)

11. A gorgeous guy can fall in love with a mad girl.

12. It’s not impossible for the odds to actually be in your favor, if you will it.

13. Life can be ugly but it’s never an excuse for you to give up.


2 thoughts on “13 things I learned from The Hunger Games

    • It’s kinda weird how there’s too much action going on and the writer didn’t leave enough gaps :-))

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