10 things I wish someone would give me for my birthday

I have a strong feeling that I won’t be able to enjoy, much less celebrate, my birthday on Tuesday due to the remaining school requirements I need to accomplish.

With this said, today’s post is about the…

Hooray for wishful thinking!

1. More notebooks to write on. I absolutely adore writing and doodling in notebooks so I was really glad when a nice guy from Avalon.ph sent me a free Moleskine for my birthday.

2. Congratulations by MGMT. Even if I have listened to it many times already in my ipod. Saving money for this album is practically impossible because I keep on buying books.

3. An original DVD of my favorite movie.

4. A John Hughes DVD box set for 80’s-themed movie marathons.

5. Books! I’ve been complaining that receiving books as presents doesn’t thrill me anymore but I seriously can’t resist adding more titles to my collection.

6. Good quality watercolor. I’m planning to make a creative comeback this summer. Hahaha.

7. This Beatles bedspread. I think this color will go nicely with the red walls of my other bedroom.

8. Awesome bookends.

9. A pair of huge vintage sunglasses.

10. A cool coloring book. Coloring like a preschooler is a great way to unwind after a stressful day.


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