Why I will never exchange my parents for two goldfish

Message 1 from Papa, Message 2 from Mama

Dear God, I’m sorry if I don’t hear mass every Sunday, but thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for giving me adorable parents.

Message 1: Papa is currently at our house in Batangas. While I was wasting precious study hours on Facebook this afternoon, I was surprised to see pictures of his face popping up in my newsfeed. We don’t have internet there. I didn’t ask how he was uploading “real-time” pictures of his face but I “liked” one of them anyway. Thought it was funny.

Message 2: Mama was at our house in Batangas, some time in February. Received that text at around 10 o’ clock. I didn’t watch Charice’s concert but the joke/reminder (not that I needed it) made me smile.

I read somewhere that if your parents are not embarrassing, then they’re probably not doing a very good job at being parents.

I’m glad mine are. :-)


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