Cooking Shwoes

As the migraine was drilling into my head, I was watching a woman on the flat screen, cooking pasta. It may seem like a strange way of easing the throbbing pain on my temple, but cooking shows have always proven to be the best cure to my little problems. You just face the TV, get comfortable on your seat, and watch whoever’s cooking do what they ought to do, which is to make your mouth pool.

The colors are as vivid as paint fresh out of the can. You can never see a tomato so red, a lemon so yellow or an orange so, well…orange. It’s only on TV that you can witness food items dancing, jumping, tumbling down or flowing with utter serenity and calm (in the case of liquids.)

The food on TV is better than food in real life. Don’t you sometimes have the urge to turn the volume on full-blast whenever Nigella Lawson bakes in her kitchen? Or when that Emeril guy describes how good his spare ribs are by using the most appetizing adjectives in the dictionary? Hearing the sizzle of oil and the bubbling of broths is the closest you can get to tasting all that yummy food on TV. Life is unfair.



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